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Project RINGRING12 is an inovative attempt to make society more accepting and understanding of people with mental disorders. We have developed a didactic card game, with which we spread the culture of accepting “otherness” using different set of values... humor, courage, sincerity, pity.

Vladan Necev

the initiator, co-author and main partner of the project:

"I know I can not change my diagnosis (cerebral palsy), but I can try to change society's perception of our special needs."


Today, more than ever, society is ready to accept the "otherness" of people with mental disorders as part of normality. The question is, however, whether society really understands their needs in an adequate way.


Although mental disorders are not an attractive content for a game, we have managed to create a game that, with the help of humor, sincerity and courage, will take you into the world of autism, borderline personality disorder, Down syndrome, Riley-Day Syndrom, obsessive-compulsive disorder, cerebral palsy...


1) we wanted to draw attention to particular group of people with special needs who want and are able to integrate into society with their ideas; among them is Vladan Necev (diagnosed with cerebral palsy); initiator and co-author of the game and ambassador of the project,

2) instead of pity, we wanted to ignite a spark of curiosity in society,

3) we wanted to facilitate the integration of people with special needs into society,

4) we wanted to inspire society how to face (unsolvable) challenges of life courageously, sincerely and with a lot of good will.

For more information about the project send us a message: matjaz.hribar@ringring12.com


RINGRING12 team:

Vladan Necev, Tadej Zevnik, Matjaž Hribar

Project holder: Zavod ZRNO, Pot h gozdu 4, 1351 Brezovica, Slovenia – EU

 /private, non-profit institution has been operating since 2007 /

/ Registration number: 1659138000, Tax number: 45853185 /

/ Bank account: SI56 0201 0025 6842 483 (NLB d.d.) /



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